Monday, May 4, 2009

Here it is . . .

. . Monday again! Where did the time go? Had a great visit with Heather; a week wasn't long enough. Thanks so much to Stephen for the transportation. What did we do all week? Walked on the track at the club. Went to Wal-Mart too many times. Made jewelry? Not enough. Ate? Too much. Yummy olives!Slept. Again, too much. Watched TV and movies -- Doubt, Milk, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Roller skated in the house. It rained every day!

This afternoon Peanut and I took a walk to see where the path that passes the Riverplex ends up and whether it would be good for skating. Wow! You can skate all the way along the river to Hooters (yippie.)! I don't consider Hooters a destination but before you get there you have passed: my yoga studio, The Rhythm Kitchen, Contemporary Arts Center, the Antique Center, the riverboat dock (for rides on the river), Joe's Crab Shack, Old Chicago (good beer selection), Tilley's (pricey restaurant), Martinis on Water and Johnny's Hideaway.
A plus - at the end, at Hooters, there is a nicely graded railroad crossing and only one more block to the Water Street Cafe and Kelleher's. Can't wait!


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