Saturday, September 15, 2007

Currently I create and sell jewelery in Arts & Crafts shows mainly in Florida. This began about four years ago when I was talked into attending a class at a small bead and button show in Marlborough, MA. My favorite niece had seen the instructor's work and loved it. It wasn't hard for her to talk me into attending since the class wasn't too far from Salem, MA, perhaps my favorite place in the entire world.

We took the class together with the awesome Lisa Blackwell, instructor extraordinaire. Check out her work at Lisa's husband is an outstanding lampwork artist and you can see some of his work as well. At the end of the class Lisa was kind enough to tell us that it was okay with her if we wanted to produce these bracelets for sale. Here's a photo of mine:
Since that time, I've gone on to make lots more jewelry. We did 28 shows in the 2006 show season and I hope we never do that many again! I've also worked in different styles and various materials. Some have been popular and some have not. Jewelry is probably the toughest art medium to exhibit and the most competitive category. When a show is good for us I'm happy. When it isn't, I think of changing my medium. I'm sure by now that many households don't have a crocheted toilet paper cover with a Barbie torso on it!

I've also had the extreme pleasure and privilege to take classes with, among others, Nina Bagley, Celie Fago, Leah Fairbanks and Christi Friesen. Also highly recommended -- Valley Ridge Art Studio in the Madison, WI area. An awesome place for classes!

To go on and on about my lack of focus and all the different mediums I've tried would take way too long for just one post. Suffice it to say that I'm still quite distracted and my medium is best decribed as "eclectic."

Since I just had surgery three days ago, I think it's time for a pain pill and a nap before I move on to the next activity. Later!