Sunday, August 1, 2010

A visit from the Keenan boys . . .

. . . is always welcome. We think the boys welcomed the diversion as well since Mom was in Zambia working on her A to Z Literacy mission. On Saturday morning we walked through the riverfront farmer's market where Cole brushed up on his hula hoop skills; we left with a bag of fresh, ripe and yummy tomatoes -- the kind that actually taste like tomatoes.Following lunch at Old Chicago, the boys opted to visit the Lakeview Museum to view the current exhibit, The Art of the Brick. Go to the website of the artist, Nathan Sawaya, for info on what this former lawyer does with legos!
Of course I forgot the camera and the photo of Cole (above) was the only one good enough to post. Sorry Cade!

After the museum we went to the pool to relax for a bit and then home to cook dinner on the grill.
After dinner we settled down with some icy treats and watched "The Tooth Fairy."

Did I mention there was work on an art project? Much as I'd like to show photos of the resulting masterpieces here, they are hidden away until Mom's birthday.

Thanks, guys, for visiting!