Thursday, September 29, 2011

Like the proverbial dirty shirt,

we're off. Jim and I are off on our trip to pick up our new RV in Fresno. This could seem trivial to many people, but I've not been further west of the Mississippi than Iowa. 

We boarded our flight to Dallas from Peoria, IL this morning around 7:00 am. American Airlines, small plane with one seat on one side of the aisle, two on the other. Very cozy. The flight was uneventful, probably because I was asleep for most of it.

After a two-hour layover in Dallas, we took off once again for Fresno. I'm told this is about a three-hour flight; I wasn't really watching the time since I was reading and napping. At some point, a particularly sharp elbow to the ribs jarred me awake and I checked out the view below. I have to say, probably for the first time of many on this trip, that I have never seen anything like this! I love it, I think it's beautiful, 

but I suppose it is considered wasteland by some.

Not too long after, an entirely different scene emerged -- the countless fields of California agriculture.

Crops soon gave way to an altogether different kind of growth.

Welcome to Fresno, California.