Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been raining Legos . . .

. . . or so it would seem. Earlier this week I posted a comment on Facebook noting that Lego now makes cool board games which you first build, then play. Of course we had to get one! Blake and Taylor have spent HOURS during their visit playing with vintage Legos courtesy of Denise (thanks again!).Coincidentally, our local Lakeview Museum is currently exhibiting Lego art so we thought we'd take a trip over there yesterday. Here are Taylor and Blake at the museum:

The exhibit is called "The Art of the Brick" by a talented, full-time artist named Nathan Sawaya.

This is entirely made of Legos, including the reflection in the "mirror."
It was difficult to capture in my photo that this dude's head is separated entirely from his neck.
Everything in this photos is made of legos. Yes, even the floor, cabinet and easel.
After viewing the Lego exhibit, we had just a bit more fun at the museum.

Yours truly. Have I ever looked better?