Monday, September 1, 2008

Where do nutty FL residents go when they're bored?

Why, to the beach, of course! Personally, much as I love to be near the water, I'm not fond of the August heat in Florida or the way the saltwater leaves me feeling all sticky and covered with sand. I avoid the beaches all summer except for those occasions when we have a visitor who would like to go. The hook that dragged me there yesterday was the current gulf hurricane action, Gustav.

I'm aware that those of us who would do such a thing are small in number next to the conservative, eyebrow-raising safety geeks. But what the hell, I figure I've had a good long life anyway. Sure beats falling down the stairs and breaking one's neck. And it helps to have a spouse who is easily suckered into anything that includes hot weather and a beach. So we grabbed a small cooler for the beverages, the dog and a couple of chairs and headed for the Honeymoon Island dog beach.

After paying the $5 admission, this sign greets you as you wind toward the parking lot:

We park the car, grab our stuff and head, unwary, for the beach. The condition of the path leaves much to be desired, covered in places with water or flip-flop sucking mud. Needless to say, the princess had to be carried.

I'd like to say the snake warning sign is a joke, but guess what's waiting for us on the beach?

Yes, that IS what you think it is. I guess you won't be wanting us to take you to the beach again. We find that there are other strange creatures on the beach as well.

What has brought them here? Not sure if it's called wind-surfing or parasailing, but it sure is entertaining.

We figured the wind was sustained at about 30 mph with frequent gusting. Fun to watch these guys catch a blast of wind. And looks like someone else caught some air as well!

The weather deteriorated, started to rain, and the boys packed up and left. It wasn't long after that the rest of the stragglers disappeared and we found ourselves alone.

The three of us stuck it out till the tide pushed us up into the wetlands (jungle). We made the muddy trek once again to the parking lot where we made use of the "dog wash" to clean off the feet. All eight of them. So there you have it. Some people actually enjoy hurricanes.