Monday, May 5, 2008

There are worse things . . .

than living in Florida. The longer I live here and the more time I spend in other areas the more I realize none are good or bad, just different. With Jim's work finished in Memphis, we are back at home in Tampa. As soon as he left this morning Peanut and I headed for the sweltering bike path that runs along the Sun Coast Highway. We can walk as many as 42 miles one way on that path but Peanut can't really make it. In Memphis we would have had a sweltering 2.5 mile circle to walk around the man-made lake in the new subdivision. Heat and humidity in both places, but a breeze is much more likely in Tampa. I have to admit I was looking forward to gardening in a more hospitable place, meaning with more of the plants I've known and loved in the midwest and less of the creatures we have here. It was going to be swell to be able to wear jeans and sweaters more than two weeks out of the year and exceptionally great to have a fireplace once again. Oh, well, bloom where you're planted!


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