Friday, August 1, 2008

Yes, by golly, I do believe . . .

. . . in reincarnation. Life after life (good book, BTW). That the essence of our being, some call it soul, our energy, goes on and on. Isn't it the "Law of Entropy" that says energy can neither be created or destroyed? Most of us are pretty sure we have some energy in us somewhere, so where does it go when we die? Does it join the throngs of disposed energy as smog? Personally, I don't think so.

We just returned from the morning walk on the local bike path. During the walk I was listening to Enya and thinking about the vehicular huge turtle homicide I witnessed two days ago. My niece and I have been trying to comfort me with thoughts of "a better place" and "a new life." I got to pondering what I understand is the Buddhist belief that our energy continues to be recycled into new life for better or worse depending on our behavior in the most recent lifetime. In other words, we keep on comin' back until we learn the lessons.

To take my understanding one step deeper, I think the rule is that we come back as a lesser or greater life form depending on how well we learned the lessons last time. This brings me a logical (for me) question: Just what constitutes "lesser" or "greater?" Whoa, this is way too massive to answer here. For simplicity's sake, lets assume one is of the opinion that those particular adjectives roughly coincide with one's position on the food chain. For example, you do bad things in this life as a human and maybe next time you're a snail. Now before anyone goes ballistic, the reason for this post isn't to get into whether humans are better than snails. I think I already established that.

So back to the turtle. I'm hoping he or she was a good little turtle and learned all his or her little turtle lessons well. But, I'm thinking, the poor thing will undoubtedly have to go through possibly HUNDREDS of evolutions to arrive on earth as one of us smart humans. As soon as this thought leaves some portal in my brain and leaps into my consciousness, my very next thought is of a recent event held in Tampa that once again proves just how intelligent human life is. It's called "Flugtag." Check it out:

I'm sorry to say that I think some of us are going to have to come back as turtles until we can learn to properly cross the road.


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