Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More inspiration from my Muse . . .

who has been somewhat under the weather with an eye infection. Warm compresses twice a day and ointment may be helping but I thought what she really needed were some new and festive accessories, hence the Christmas elf look:

As you can see she is ecstatic about wearing clothing, as always.

In an effort to further broaden my artistic horizons I've been taking an encaustic art class. Simplified, it's about making art with wax. My first piece is a collage which is so far unfinished. The jury is still out re: this process -- I'm wondering why one wouldn't just want to make a collage with the many processes and materials available that don't include wax. So far it just seems to add an unnecesary layer which, by the way, makes the piece all the more fragile and prone to damage.

Just for the heck of it, though, I threw together a 6x6 piece earlier in the week. Although I have mixed feelings about posting it, I'm trying to keep an open mind and remember what my son says -- "everything is art to someone." Here it is, and please be kind in your comments.


Anonymous said...

I think that piece is totally cool and it reminds me of the grass picture.

On a Whimsey said...

I do like this one! It makes me see dragonflies flitting in and out of the grass. A lot of feeling and depth.

Your son is right! Everyone sees art in something but I do think you have a rather nice painting here! So keep up the good work and good luck!

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