Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One World, One Heart UPDATE

Well, new and old friends, the end is near. Comments on my previous OWOH post will be accepted only until 12:00 a.m., that's midnight, on Wednesday, February 11, 2009. And that's midnight in the USA, central time zone (think Chicago). The winner of the fabulous mystery prize will be chosen by use of a random number generator on Thursday, February 12th. The winner will be notified as close to immediately as possible and will be given three days to respond with a mailing address. If there is no response within the three days a new winner will be chosen. Still need to leave a comment? Leave it on that post only please or you won't be included in the drawing.

And now on to another topic. Our lovely friend and caretaker of our Florida home, Andrew, has sent photos to show us how our landscaping is behaving in our absence. There are definitely some turf problems. I say "turf" with a smirk on my face since those pokey green things that stick up from the dirt are about as far from grass as a Milky Way is from real chocolate.

The putting green aside, we're happy with most of the rest. In the following photos please note the bouganvillea that is eating the house as well as the two potted robellini palms by the pool that have never looked better. But the biggest surprise of all -- our recycling of the holiday pointsettia of 2007 -- has yielded wonderful results!

Looking forward to my spring break visit . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's a jungle "down there". The pool looks very inviting right now. The kids are going to have such a fun spring break with you.
Today's word verif: happe

Anonymous said...

LOved the Milky Way/real chocolate comment and
the flowers do look great. The pool is almost too dreamy as I'm dealing with snow, wind and mud for the next two months. :)You have come a long way in re: to your feelings about FL. I was thinking back to when you first moved down there...Life is short and we all need to be content with where it leads us, making the most of what it has to offer. You are so good at that!

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