Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Further Adventures of the ADDA

Yes, the ADD artist strikes again. My long-suffering spouse and close family members know that I have been taking several classes these past six months at our local art guild. First there was the encaustics class. Finished two pieces and dropped out, it just wasn't my thing. Have since donated whatever supplies I had to neighbor Amy.

Some time ago I posted the first of my lost wax casting foray. Not done posting about that one yet, but today is not the day. Then there was the fabrication class. Have to write a post about that one as well. Again, not today.

Today I am much too excited about the results of my pottery class. Several people asked whether I was making pots or other containers on a wheel. No, I wasn't interested in "throwing," as it's called. Maybe another time. This time I wanted to work in porcelain and make a few personal trinkets and some pieces for jewelry. I have a few larger items in the works over at the guild; one in the kiln and two that still require glazing and a final firing.

Our instructor, the very knowledgeable and talented young Jacob Grant, has provided me with a firing schedule for finishing small pieces at home in my glass kiln (it doesn't get hot enough to fire the larger items). I just brought my first few pieces up from the kiln and I'm pleased with the way they turned out:

Please keep in mind that they are a bit dusty and that the photo doesn't capture the gloss finish on all the pieces. The teardrop shapes are also not quite finished, more on them later.


Tommy said...

Em er awesome...momma! You could make incense pellet burning bowls for all the potheads :)

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