Monday, October 5, 2009

After six weeks of hard labor . . .

. . . I have apparently given birth to a very large lazy. I have not exercised, have lived on Halloween candy and cherry coke, too much TV watching and WAY too much playing Mafia Wars on the worst time-suck ever invented, Facebook.

My creativity has been limited to a little knitting. I have not spent more than a few seconds in my studio; it is going to take a real block of time and effort to get it straightened out first, but I'm so busy feeding and diapering the new lazy.

Jim is as well as can be expected since we now each have a lazy of our own.

I'd like to thank Heather and Susan for all their efforts to save me from myself over the past couple of months. And much gratitude to Joy for saving me an additional three hours of driving after having wrestled the land yacht 17 hours + from Tampa to Illinois. And she brought me gifts! Now THAT'S a sister.Hopefully I am on my way to recovering and will birth some energy and creativity soon.


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