Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring has been . . .

. . .springing up all over the place! Our first look at this 1925 house we bought was last November, long after most blooming had stopped. We didn't really know what we had in the way of landscape plants till recently. Perhaps the best of what we inherited are the magnificent peonies. I have loved them all my life but haven't lived with them in my yard since childhood. Here's what we've got:

The lovely lilacs came from the neighbor's yard.

Here are a couple we've picked up at the nursery: good old standard petunias;

weigela, Jim's favorite flowering shrub;

and a hanging fuschia. Have you ever seen one so beautiful?


Kuj said...

Very pretty momma! :)

Kuj said...

Our weigela looks like that! :)

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