Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And all the monkeys aren't in the zoo . . .

. . but we sure saw lots of them when we were there! Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is one of my personal top three along with Brookfield Zoo in Illinois and the Milwaukee Zoo. Here's one way to keep cool:

Blake started right out getting a map and volunteering to lead the tour.

We think when you've seen zoo photos, you've seen zoo photos so we won't post the 50 or so we have, just a few of the highlights. We got to feed the giraffes!

I love the meerkats, they remind me of Peanut.

Which way should we go next? The navigators consult their maps.

Awesomely colored tree frogs weren't any bigger than a half dollar.

We felt especially lucky to see a baby manatee with its mom.

Got to feed shrimp and sardines to the rays . . .

The baby rays were about the size of an adult's hand. Adorable!

Hey! Isn't that the gray-tufted jimmy?

Beautiful white tigers with pretty blue eyes . . .

And the komodo dragon, always a favorite.

We saw LOTS of animals but we were all very happy to get home to cool off in the pool.


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