Sunday, June 29, 2008

Speaking of flying . . .

. . . we hated to see our good friends, Blake and Taylor, go back to their home in Indiana.

We can hardly believe that we are coming up on our tenth anniversary together. That's ten for Blake and almost nine for Taylor. Wow, how they've grown. That's a fact that really hits home when you see them walking down the jetway without a parent in tow. What great kids they have become - - it takes away some of the sadness that they're not our "babies" anymore. Then again there are some in the 30-plus category who are still our babies; you know who you are!

We had a really good visit, though, with a zoo day, a beach outing, seeing the new Indiana Jones movie (highly recommended by all of us). In between we had mostly pool time interspersed with the usual electronics times and some arts and crafts. This visit we didn't finish our projects, but we will eventually and they are so much more sophisticated than last year's polymer clay zoo. We are becoming more sophisticated in our use of methods and materials as well:

By the way, these friends have set the new standard for visitor attire -- it's either PJs or swimwear, take your pick! Yeah, now that's what I call a vacation!

Here are a couple quick videos of pool time - -

We'll miss them and can't wait until they come back!


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