Monday, December 8, 2008

It's a balmy 40-ish day . . .

. . . here in Illinois and my fur-bearing muse and I just returned from a walk around the block. This is the rear view of our 2-year rental home, it's the one with the teal door. The house on the right was exactly like ours on the outside except for paint colors and our back stairs have been replaced. The house on the left is an original, to-die-for Craftsman complete with diamond paned windows and all the original interior woodwork. All three homes (and MANY more) belong to Fulvio Zerla, land baron. We really like the empty lot next to us and have plans for some spring landscaping. The photo below shows the proximity of our house to the beautiful church on the next block. If you saw my recent "crow attack" video you would have heard the church's bells chiming in with the crow noise. Behind our house is a parking lot reserved for hospital employees.
Next is a view of the church from the corner. BTW, if you click on the photo above you may be able to see the wonderful job the corner homeowner has done covering just about every opening with chain link fence. That's the only building in the strip that doesn't belong to Mr. Z.

Below is the view above the roof across the street where you can see the cranes erected on Jim's jobsite at the hospital. If he was a crow he could be home in seconds instead of the approximate three minutes it takes to drive. He hasn't taken the walk yet.

Here's our place from the front, matching teal door.

Come on in!

Okay, we've closed the front door. Now that you're inside, have a look around. Blog readers will have to wait for another day for more photos of the interior.
Door glass is my glass paint creation.


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