Friday, December 5, 2008

Jewelry Challenge - Project 3

Yes, still bringing up the rear on Deryn Mentock's jewelry challenge. And this one earns me the Big Duh! award. Now everyone can know what a proponent I am of NOT planning! I chose to use an oval of etched nickel, drilled my holes, bent my little shelf and made my dangles. But guess what? MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE COORDINATED MY DRILL BIT TO THE SIZE OF MY WIRE? Yep. Slipped the first dangle through the hole and proceeded to pound away on the copper wire. Picked the piece up to check out the effect and voila! The dangle fell right through the hole.

Since I really liked the oval piece I decided not to scrap the whole project but rather to "improvise, adapt and overcome" as Clint Eastwood would say. Thus, the spirals did the trick, keeping the dangles from plunging through the too-large holes.

My philosophy is to live, whenever possible, without regret; I'm chalking this one up to a learning experience.


Deryn Mentock said...

I love the result of your "mistake!" That's half the fun for me...making things work. This piece turned out beautifully. Love the chain!

Dawn said...

the spirals were meant to be, so don't beat yourself up... it is beautiful

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