Sunday, August 30, 2009

HE went to Jared.

And so did I. Today. Love to make jewelry, yes. Love to wear it? Not so much. In fact I often wear the same pair of earrings for weeks on end. Whatever I wear out usually comes off the instant I'm in the door, right after the shoes.

Today, however, I needed to make a little visit to Jared. Or rather, I have a ring that needed to make a visit for a six month inspection and cleaning. And a pendant that needed cleaning. And an omega that needed fixing. Got to wonder about all this fixing and cleaning for jewelry I don't wear, eh?

Anyway, my BFFFF and I went to Jared today to take care of business. It's the only retail store I know of where Peanut is not only welcome but fussed over as well. Yeah, and there's Petco and Petsmart. But back to Jared . . . I've always thought they had the best and most beautiful of the unusual, fabulous items not to be found in a mall store. And today was no exception.

While waiting for my items to be cleaned I found a group of items to be drooled over and maybe to die for. They are part of the LeVian collection stocked by Jared and probably my most favorite pieces. Today I discovered the "chocolate diamond."

Maybe the rest of you are familiar with these but, hey, I don't get out much. Not a shopper. But when it comes to high quality "chocolate," I'm THERE. Here are a couple of the treats I found irresistible: The watch "bezel" is two entire rows of chocolate diamonds. $2,495. Worth every penny. And this necklace:
a wonderful chocolate South Seas pearl entrapped in a squiggle of chocolate diamonds. Oddly strung on 15 cents worth of cord, but what the heck, still worth its $899 price tag in my book. Honey? Are you reading this?


Kuj said...

Wee! Chocolate! I was never much for pearls, but that's a pretty kick-ass pendant.

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