Friday, August 7, 2009


Hi, Peanut here. Mom is busy packing so I wanted to help her out by adding this post to her blog to let you know we're going on vacation.

Today we're leaving to go to our Florida home for a while. I am so excited that I will be reunited with my little lizard friends that I love to play with! My house in Tampa has a doggie door so I can go outside whenever I want! I really like to lay on the screened "lanai" when it's sunny and very hot -- and the screen keeps the alligators from getting me.

Along the way we'll get to visit our good friends Alice and Bob in Atlanta where Mom and Dad used to live. I really like it there because Alice and Bob spoil me even more than Mom and Dad. And then when we get to Tampa I will get to visit with my good friend Ava while Mom and Dad catch up with their friends, Carrie, Andrew and Caden

While we're in Florida Dad will clean up the landscaping so I can more easily see the neighbors and bark at their every move. Mom will go out with her friend Susan for really good sushi and will bring me a little bit as a special treat.


Anonymous said...

You lucky dog you, I hope you have a most enjoyable vacation! One word of advice - sunblock. Be sure to police the area and keep watch for snakes as we all know they don't rank too high on your Mom's list of favorites. It's quite possible she was influenced by your Aunt's opinion that the best snakes are handbags and/or shoes. Frolic in the sun you furry cutie :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new doggie "do" girlfriend!

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