Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home at last . . .

For all of you waiting patiently to see our new digs, here ya go. This is the view out one side of our RV; the bridges cross the Mississippi River.

See the train in the distance? The trains never stop running, night and day. Good thing we like them!

Note the street sign: Cotton Gin Place. We are hosted by a lovely woman named Huguette. She speaks with a heavy French accent combined with a southern effect and it's really cute. She has an adorable Maltese named "Papillon," which is French for butterfly. Peanut loves him!

Huguette lives in the brick structure you will see in these photos of the RV park. From the outside it looks like an ordinary brick office building but inside, ooo la la, it is decorated to the hilt. What a cool place to live!

This used to be the local hotel. Huguette tells me it will be rebuilt as condos. And the RV park? It and several of the houses alongside are going away later this year to be replaced by a road. Huguette is already building a new 2300 s.f. home across the border in Arkansas near one of her four daughters. Let me tell you, this is a lady who knows how to live!


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