Friday, February 22, 2008

New Friends

On Wednesday evening Jim and I were invited out by his project's plumbing contractor, Nickey Shah, and his wife Terry. We met at Spindini a local Italian restaurant. I chose Tuna Puttanesca from among the interesting menu items and was pleased with my selection. It consisted of pan-seared tuna and mushrooms on linguini with a very light, but spicy, tomato sauce. Olive bread and red wine rounded out an excellent meal.

After dinner we rode with Nickey and Terry to the FedEx Forum for the evening's performance of Cirque du Soleil - Saltimbanco. I'd been interested in seeing Cirque for some time but not so interested in going to Vegas so this proved to be yet another one of those bits of serendipity I frequently experience. Another gift from the universe! I didn't realize they had shows based on a variety of different themes until I read this:

Here's the Cirque website for this particular show:

Thanks to our new friends, the Shahs, Jim and I had a wonderful evening out. Next time you're in Memphis, be sure to make reservations at Spindini!

Thursday 2/21

We finally had to bite the bullet and go grocery shopping. Jim googled on "Kroger," printed a map, and we were off. Perhaps not the best way to go about this process as evidenced by the shock on the face of the well-armed police officer sitting inside the store's entrance as well as a few curious looks from the clientele.
Remembering shopping with Mom at Kroger's in Chicago back when the dinosaurs roamed, this store was definitely OLDER. It has been wonderfully maintained, judging by the signage, and had an especially nice produce department. I was particularly impressed by the large, fresh carrots available individually, something we're not used to seeing. Being a proponent of the momism "learn something new every day," I'm happy to report that I saw a new and different (for me) product in the beer cooler. I'm guessing it was about a 24-ounce can of Budweiser with Clamato. Anyone out there seen or tasted this? Interesting . . .


Kuj said...

Whenever you order a Bloody Mary here in the Northwoods, you are offered a "chaser" consisting of a small glass of whatever kind of beer Bud, Miller and Coors are (lager?). I don't understand the concept, nor do I abide it. Ucky. The other weird thing up here is beer (same as above, passing for beer) with green olives in it. ew. Anyway, guessing that the Clamato n Bud is something along those lines...but lazy. :-)

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