Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Road trip . . .

We purchased our RV, affectionately known as the home on wheels, about one year ago. It has made traveling to and from art shows so much more enjoyable! Last summer I spent nearly two months traveling through 11 states with an ever-changing variety of companions. My one constant companion for thousands of miles was Peanut.

Here I am on a another roadtrip with my faithful little friend and I promised to blog so as to keep in touch with friends and family. We are driving from Tampa to Memphis to deliver the RV to my better half. He is there building a children's hospital and needs an inexpensive place to live while we sell our home in Tampa.

We started out this morning, February 12th, leaving the house in the hands of our able realtor, Brad and our able friend (and Brad's cousin) Andrew. Here's P all set to get going:

Notice the hat and backpack; what an awesome little traveler! Once we start moving, she'll settle into her favorite spot on my lap. This is the way we spent a large part of last summer.
Can you guess where our first stop was? Yum, Choco-Cherry Love Blizzard!

Lunch and a walk and we're back on the road. This time P is bringing up the rear:
We're driving up Route 19 along "The Nature Coast." Just beyond the trees on the left side of the road is the Gulf of Mexico. This is the Florida that visitors don't see, with good reason. Could you even tell that it's FL if I didn't say so? For better or worse this is the way the largest part of Florida looks. Don't bother getting a passport if you want to tour ruins, just go to Florida and get away from the tourist areas.

You can't see this in the photo of the motel but under the "MOTEL" sign there is another sign that reads "Vacancy." Plan your spring break trip now!

More north Florida photos:

Here's our stop for tonight, a Flying J Travel Plaza in Midway, FL. We've put on about 250 miles today.

Check out the parking job! Jim will be so proud!

Time for our evening walk and a little reading before bed. Tomorrow we head out for our next stop, Birmingham, Alabama. Sleep tight!


Alice said...

Loved the pixs of you and Peanut. Awesome parking job. Those pit stops for treats look yummy -low cal?? Have a safe trip. Say "Hello" to Jim for us and have a happy Valentine's Day. (thanks for our card).

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