Monday, May 11, 2009

The fruits . . .

. . . of my loins. Er, that sounds kind of gross. And they really aren't fruits anyway, they are peoples. My children.

The photo above is one of four I received in my email on Mother's Day. All are equally lovely but I thought this one captured their smiles the best. Initially I thought the photos were taken and sent to me in response to the following video which I received last week from a friend in Florida. Thanks, Ceil!

My daughter assures me, however, that my kids had the idea first (although they thoroughly enjoyed the video). She further assures me also that no one was harmed in the taking of the photos.

If you read my Mother's Day post, I want to say here that I received a comment on it from my son which read:

"I could think of one I'd like to thank for everything...I love you, momma. Thank you for everything...I'd be nothing without you. (insert pic of momma and I here that this thing won't let me copy into)Happy Mother's DayI love you "

I'm taking the liberty of choosing and inserting said photo below.

In addition, I recently answered a batch of questions posted on Denise's blog with regard to parenting. In further response to those questions, namely about what I might have done differently, I found this message which I assumed was sent for me directly from the universe yesterday at If you don't know about Post Secret, I urge you to take a look there. Since it is too late to redo the past, I'm taking this as a sign of what I need to do in my future parenting (moms my age know it NEVER ends).

And thanks to everyone who emailed me with feedback about my Mother's Day post!


Kuj said...

Thank you Momma. If nothing else, I hope we make you proud for all the pushin' you did once upon a time. :)

tommy said...

That's just funny shit....and why we think you're the best.

Anonymous said...

And can't you just hear Tommy Dearest saying that when you're giving him "suggestions"?

I can hear his voice......


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