Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Young Artists

We were blessed with visitors this Memorial Day weekend; daughter Kris, her husband Dave, grandsons Cade and Cole and canine grand-daughter Lucy. After a car tour of the area we parked down along the Illinois River and went for a walk. It was a long walk with disappointment at the end when, hot and thirsty, we found nothing open but Hooters and considered it inappropriate to take the young boys there. Back to the car and over the bridge to the Texas Roadhouse for cold beverages and hot food!

Lucy and Peanut were happy to welcome us home and the boys were itching to try out the hot tub. Sadly, they are now old enough to refuse being photographed during baths but I assure you they enjoyed the bubbles!

Memorial Day was gray and rainy but that was good for us. Following donuts and another car tour, this time of Grandpa Jim's jobsite, the boys and I went off to the studio for some art time. It's so interesting to note the difference between brothers. Cole immediately knew what he wanted to create and didn't stop until his clay ship with three cannons was complete. Cade, on the other hand, seemed overwhelmed by the choices of medium much like I am on some days. He learned to make a wire armature and decorated it with a clay skull and cheesecloth gown. After that it was on to jewelry. Yes, guys can wear necklaces of Greek leather with a simple guitar pick dangling.

Progressing to resin, Cade found a bezel and some Chinese coins that fit just right. We added our resin and, once cured, attached the pendant to more leather. It turned out so well that he made another for his good friend Wyatt. Cole, decisive once again, immediately chose a miniature gravestone from which he would not be deterred. His vessel of choice was a bottle cap and after curing the resin we attached a bail and strung his creation. "Art time" was a success!


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