Saturday, May 9, 2009

New items, old Etsy shop . . .

. . . old items, new Etsy shop. I really enjoy making jewelry components and wanted to offer some of them for sale so quite a while ago I began selling my handmade headpins and pipe bezels on my Etsy shop, After a sleepless night I decided at 4:00 am this morning that I needed to create another shop to separate components and destash items from my jewelry shop. It took me a while to come up with a name for the new shop, to make my banner and avatar and get it set up. Here it is:

komponents Not too many items listed so far, just headpins and bezels that I moved from my other shop. If you're wondering what in the world "destash" is, it is just what it sounds like -- items from my "stash" that I no longer wish to hold on to.To visit the new shop click here or on the screen shot above:

Meanwhile, I've added a few new items to Palmcoastart and here they are.

A bracelet made with copper, mother of pearl, green and purple amethysts:

A pair of earrings, vintage acrylic beads and antiqued brass -- I wouldn't mind hanging on to these myself:

And another bracelet completely made of fused fine silver:

Click on any of the photos to get the details.


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