Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do. It. Now.

I love this little guy. He reminds me of my favorite holiday and as you can guess, it's not Christmas. He's been sitting in front of the toaster since October. Not the 31st, but the 1st, the day we moved into our little rental house here in central Illinois. I packed him up along with the few kitchen items I allowed myself to bring from the house in Florida.

Although he's in that same spot 24/7, I realize as I'm writing this that I really don't "see" him everyday, he's just there. Just there waiting with a fresh tealight for someone to come along and give him some attention. I stopped and looked at him this morning and said "Why not?"

This happened as I was on my way to make a cup of tea. This is a rarity as I usually only slosh some juice or soy milk in a glass and down it with a breakfast bar. But this morning I thought, "Tea. Why not?" And in my favorite tea cup that is used to living in the dining room in Florida along with the rest of the tea cups I'm 'saving.' Saving for when?

More candles. In the daytime. No one here but me and the P. Why not? Had some fresh blueberries in the fridge. Can't remember the last time I bought them for myself. The spousal unit doesn't care for them. Buy them just for me? Hell yeah. Why not? Cook steel cut oats just for me? Okay!
What is in the back of your mind waiting for the time to be right? When will that be? Why not now?


Kuj said...

Great post Momma! I need something to climb out of my funk. Don't know why the funk. Probably because my only "close" friends have been slaving away at the coupe for weeks. I LOVE the tea cup. Almost as much as I love the tea pot I got for Xmas from the boy. It's finally stopped raining here (maybe that's the funk). Will get the sweet sweet beach cruiser out today I think. Maybe I'll ride it in full leathers. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE today's post. I even remember commenting on how much I love that guy in front of the toaster when I was visiting.

I often think about why not? What am I waiting for? I wonder where that comes from?

That being said, it's the perfect day to send you a new package of lovelies that you better NOT hoard. Use them. Why not?

Love you,

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