Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes, Virginia . . .

. . . there really is a black hole. I've been reading lately about quantum physics. Trying to read is more truthful; to be honest, much of what I've read so far is just way too out there for my tiny little brain to comprehend. Take this quote for example:

"No one knows just how the sudden popping from the imaginal possible to the real takes place. There is nothing in quantum physics itself that predicts this occurrence. Yet, this sudden 'pop of reality' is the basis of Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Also called the 'principle of indeterminism,' the uncertainty principle reflects the inability to predict the future based on the past or based on the present. Known as the cornerstone of quantum physics, is provides an understanding of why the world appears to be made of events that cannot be connected in terms of cause and effect."

Is it just me or does this sound like some far out double talk? ". . . the inability to predict the future based on the past or based on the present." Did this statement require a gathering of the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century to come up with? Far as I know this is and has always been true for all of us other than maybe the weather man and the carnival fortune teller. But, I digress.

Somewhere along the way comes the mention of "parallel universe(s)." I wonder if that's what psychic Sylvia Browne was talking about when she said heaven is only about three feet off the ground we currently walk on, we just can't see it.

It all sounds pretty goofy, but here's where I get sucked in. Visitors who've seen both my Illinois and Florida studios would have to say that the Illinois workspace is neater and much more organized. Possibly that's because I left more than half my "stuff" in the one in Florida. Regardless, I've had this ongoing problem from the first day I started working here in Illinois:

I drop things and they disappear, often never to be seen again.

Black hole? Parallel universe? Earlier this afternoon I removed five domed copper disks, ranging in size from 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch from my tumbler. I rinsed them and bundled them in an old diaper, my rag of choice. Carried them to my work table and proceeded to dry them off and place them under the heat of the lamp to dry thoroughly. At first I thought I was missing one disk but it turned out to be stuck to the underside of another. I separated them but one dropped to the floor. I heard it bounce off a plastic bead box but thought no more about it. I continued to wipe the rest of the disks and then turned my attention to the floor to retrieve the one I dropped.

It was gone. I looked everywhere. Twice. Moved things, opened cabinets, picked up the foot control for my flexshaft and the waste basket. Looked IN the wastebasket. Under the furniture. Across the room. It was nowhere to be found. A shiny, copper disk around an inch in diameter could not be seen anywhere.

As I usually do in these situations, I sought the assistance of my spousal unit. Being a manly man, he is never far from his tools and so came equipped with a giant flashlight. He began to search. Everywhere I'd already searched and then some. Three times. He looked throughout the entire room and, to his credit, found my favorite pair of reading glasses that I didn't realize I was missing.

No copper disk, however. Is the house haunted and a spirit snapped up the bright, shiny thing to keep as a souvenir? Is there really a black hole in my studio as I've been claiming for months? Or did the disk bounce into a parallel universe? Perhaps heaven? Apparently this is not my time to know. Maybe if I continue to read I'll get a clue as to where to find it. If not, here's the book I'm moving on to next:


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