Friday, June 5, 2009

There's a New Angel today.

For some time now you've seen the photo of adorable little Andy at the upper right column here on my blog. Andy, grandson of my friend Rosemary and her husband Glenn, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I asked that prayers and positive healing energy be sent Andy's way. I asked everyone to "Expect a miracle."

Precious little Andy passed away peacefully yesterday, June 4th. His tiny body gave up the struggle and he is now at peace. Of course this occupied my thoughts long into the night. Some time before I fell asleep I remembered the adage "All prayers are answered. Sometimes the answer is 'No.'" Is this what happened?

In an instant I received my answer. We expected a miracle and, guess what? We got it. Little Andy was a miracle. Never mind that his life was way too brief; the joy and inspiration he provided, the hearts he touched, was the miracle.

Just as the perfection of a snowflake, a rose or a gorgeous sunset fade away much too quickly, the time to enjoy Andy's beauty was fleeting. The wonderful thing about our minds, though, is that we can recall these memories at any time and although the snow, flowers, sunset and Andy are gone from our sight, they are new and more beautiful than ever in our mind's eye. Andy's smile is his legacy.

I wish for the grief being felt by all who loved this little boy to be transformed to comfort, peace, and above all, an ongoing and joyous celebration of the gift of Andy's life.

Please continue to send prayers and positive energy, not only to Andy's family, but to all the little ones suffering from SMA. Please take the time to sign this petition.


Susan and Dave said...

Kay, thank you for putting this into words that will reach so many people. We all need to be aware of not only SMA, but for all those who suffer, and we need to put our lives into perspective. Yes, It did help. Love, Susan

Kuj said...

My heart hurts.

Shine down on your family, Andy.

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