Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What to do . . .

. . . when it's one hundred degrees in the shade: It wasn't quite that hot yesterday, thankfully. My friends Blake and Taylor, who are visiting from the Indianapolis area, accompanied me on a few errands and then to our fitness center's "aquaplex." That was yesterday, however, and today's a whole other matter. The 100 degree matter.

After a quick walk with our furry friend we decided going to the zoo was out of the question and we've been here just chilling all day, eating grapes, playing video games, watching TV. Sure hope we have more to report later in the week!


Heather said...

And yet another day of this horrible heat. May be time for the hot tub with cold water for you guys? I went to Jewel yesterday and thought it was a good time to shop for cold food, even though I didn't even buy any. The movie theater is a good place in this weather too.

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