Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Back Home Again . . .

. . . In Indiana, and it seems like I can see the flickering candlelight, still shining bright, through the Sycamores for me." Yes, it's true, the long-term memory lingers after the short-term (like remembering to bring the camera!) begins to disappear. As the limo delivered us back to Blake and Taylor's home the State Song of Indiana began to play in my head. I think it was actually something we were required to perform at 8th grade graduation. Surprised that Indiana was already a state back then?

I also need to mention here that my friends performed for me a song they have been practicing at their school choir, something like "Nifty Fifty," a song about -- you guessed it -- the fifty states. There was a point where I stopped them, though, and said "Wait! Did you just say New Hampster?" Another special, long-term memory for me for sure!


Kuj said...

Corn pone and hamster belly. I heart Mad-Libs.

Wasn't you schooled in Illinois? Why the hell for Indiana??

Kay said...

I think we had a theme going where we sang state songs of several states in the midwest. Or maybe it was "Born Free." The theme of high school graduation was "The Impossible Dream." I think they were directly referring to my graduation, specifically.

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