Monday, April 13, 2009

"Home is the place . . .

. . . where when you go there, they have to take you in." That's one of my favorite quotes. The spring break trip to Florida was my first time back to our beautiful home in Tampa since we moved to central Illinois last October 1st. The visit was bittersweet since, in all probability, we will end up selling it in the next year or so. Greatful as I am to have lived in such luxury, I am also very greatful for our rented home in Illinois. It is the OLD home with character that I've always wanted. Where will we end up? It is written somewhere in the universe but not yet known to me.

I've said there is nothing I've missed from the Florida house in these many months other than the recliner and the rest of my stained glass. Still, I allowed myself one large carton of items to ship back to Illinois. Mainly I needed my summer clothes, shorts and such, since I didn't bring them at the time of the move.

Maybe there is some insight into my personality here. Maybe it's just stuff. What did I send myself? Summer clothes, yes. But also a few special pieces of stained glass, candles, yummy tea. A bottle of glass etching solution, my glass circle cutter, my soldering pan and charcoal. And the upholstery attachment for the vacuum?
Books. A candle topper. My souvenir "Wolves" video from the Tampa zoo. Not the lovely Navajo vessel -- that has been here since I received it as a gift from Tracy and Kevin a few months ago.

A very small portion of the fabric stash from my sewing room:
And for when all is said and done, two treasured tea cups from my collection.


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