Friday, April 3, 2009

Yep, I'm packing . . .

. . . my suitcase. And I'm heading off to Indianapolis later today to meet up with two of my BFFs, Blake and Taylor. Here they are at our trip to the Honeymoon Island beach last year.

I've had to take a little time out, though, to work the farm. The electric blanket apparently accelerates the germination process and today I've had to move some of our little sprouts to a location with natural light so they can get on with their photosynthesis. Tomatos, moon flowers, morning glories, lavender, basil and even a cucumber have begun their little plant lives.

Another swell tip I got from daughter Kris was actually a lesson in how to make my own biodegradeable seedling pots out of newspaper. Read about it here. She has these cool little pot makers. When I get back from Florida I'll be making these for the plants that have outgrown their Jiffy Pellets but aren't yet ready for the garden.

I also came across a good gardening blog during my research. Mr. Brown Thumb has an alternative to purchasing the potmaker which you read about here. Sorry but I don't have time to contact him to ask whether I can steal the photo from his blog. But check it out, he has several most interesting posts. I also like the "ghetto greenhouse" idea.

Meanwhile I'll be thinking about you all while we're lounging in the hot tub with a cool beverage tomorrow night!


MrBrownThumb said...

Hi Kay,

Thanks for linking to my blog. Really appreciate it.

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