Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kay's Grow House

During my spring break absence, the spousal unit was appointed to care for both the wildlife and crops I left behind in Illinois. I'm happy to say Peanut is as good as can be expected for a dog who has gained almost 20% of her entire body weight in the past several months. She misses those Florida bike path walks! Spring is coming, though, even to Illinois I'm sure, and we will be walking outdoors again soon. And enjoying the future fruits and flowers of our seedling crop.

I hit Walmart bright and early yesterday morning for some inexpensive plastic shelves and a fluorescent shop light. Here's my new construction:
We've got some fine moon flower and morning glory plants along with some green beans. The lavender and basil aren't far behind. Also picked up some of my most favorite flowering bulbs, the beautiful Hyacinth, on clearance. Here are two of them, yet to bloom. Is there a more spectacular fragrance on earth?


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