Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day fit for the zoo . . .

. . . so that's where Blake, Taylor and I went! To Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, that is, once again voted the BEST ZOO IN THE U.S. by Parent's Magazine. Once a blonde, always a blonde, I always say -- and forgot to bring the camera! Duh!

The weather was beautiful and so were all the animals. Here are a couple of phone photos of the mom and baby manatees enjoying lunch.

After a tour of the entire zoo, navigated as always by Blake, we stopped off at the gift shop. In true manly form, Blake chose to wait outside while Taylor and I shopped for souvenirs. Dinner today was at Red Lobster at Taylor's request where we loaded up on Cheddar Bay biscuits, among other delicacies.

At home once again, my friends opted for more pool time since it was their last day in Florida. Unbelievable! The water was 70 degrees (my personal minimum is 83!) and the air temperature was 67 and Blake and Taylor spent HOURS enjoying each other's company. We have to admit, though, that a good part of the time was spent in the 100 degree hot tub.

Last but by far not least, my good friend Coyote came for a visit with wine and sushi and we spent lots of time catching up, crying and laughing. What an outstanding finale to a great spring break adventure!


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