Saturday, April 25, 2009

You are my sunshine . . .

Happy Birthday, Sunshine! As I was preparing for this special birthday post, searching for photos of my lovely daughter Denise, I was stunned to find that this is just about the only photo I could find of her without her brother.This is the case partially because I don't have my full collection of photos here with me in Illinois. But, upon reflection, I realize it is because Denise is the caretaker. The photo above is classic Denise, behind the scenes, not wanting any undue attention. That photo was taken, by the way, at the Brainerd, MN raceway where she went to support her little brother in his motorcycle racing endeavors.

It isn't only Tom she takes care of. She was the only one there for me at my worst time ever. Stoic, strong, doing what she had to do. Here are beautiful flowers she planted to decorate her dad's deck after she gently(?) pushed him to finish building it. And, yes, she does know her way around tools and pitched in for the construction.
As you can see, the caretaking started at an early age. Despite some bloodletting between the two during adolescence, I don't know of any brother and sister who are closer. Sometimes I call them Bessie and Phil -- referring to their dad's aunt and uncle who were each other's sole companions for life.

She reminds me alot of her grandma, Genevieve. And that's a wonderful thing.

Denise is strong-willed, sometimes stubborn. She chooses her friends and activities without influence from anyone. The only woman in a sport bike club? You bet.

She is a deeply caring human. And the smartest person I know. And I'm so lucky that she is still "my sunshine." Happy Birthday, Baby!


Kuj said...

Thank you, Momma. That was very lovely. :)

Tommy said...

I just re-read this. Notice the picture of Denise as a child holding my baby like body....she is trying to snap my an effin ninja!

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